Almost everyone has lost their house or office keys and got themselves locked out of their house or office at some point in their life. And if this happens, it does not mean you’ve to sit and wait for help until the next day. Residential or commercial locksmith provides 24/7 emergency assistance at affordable prices because no one should pay an arm and a leg for such a small mistake.


Our company is well known for local and reliable services. Mostly we receive calls from people who get locked out of their homes for after-hours assistance. We would provide you with cheap locksmiths who are prompt, professional, and efficient in their work. Because our priority is to come and help you when you are likely stuck. Our company provides several services at your doorstep.

Mobile Locksmith

As a bonus point, all our locksmiths are also mobile technicians, which means they would reach your location in no time, except they face an extreme condition. In most cases, the doors are opened by lock picking or lock bumping so the door doesn’t get damaged and would remain in the best working state after opening the door. Only in extreme cases force is applied or drill is used, but there is nothing to worry about this, our fast and efficient technicians will also replace the lock without any extra charges. This whole process would take almost 30 minutes.


Lock change

When the lock of your house gets out of date, rusted, or stops working properly, then you must get them changed; otherwise, it would be a threat to an entire security system. But our company provides you with locks that give security by the mixture of proper planning and risk testing, so you sleep peacefully at night or go on vacation without any stress.


Commercial Locksmith

Our company provides services by installing services and periodic maintenance on a commercial and industrial level which are the basic needs of a business establishment. For a business owner, you must have a strict security system not just because you have to protect your internal resources also because you are responsible for your client’s data.


Residential Locksmith

Are you locked out of your home after work? Had a long day at the office only to realize that you broke your key when trying to unlock your front door? If you are looking for a fast and reliable residential locksmith, then AP Locksmith Sydney is the right team for the job. With have decade of experience in the industry, we can help you unlock your home quickly and with ease.


Emergency lockout

We send you the nearest locksmith to your place, which will take approximately 15-30 minutes to reach so we can help you through this emergency.


Lock rekey

Our services also include lock rekeying, which means changing the locks by giving a lock a new key combination to be opened by a new lock only. It is also recommended that locks should be rekeyed every year.


Automotive Locksmith

Car keys are used to lock or unlock the car and operate the car. Still, the latest has a specialized ignition system which does not allow the owner to make more copies, but our company provides laser cutting to give car owners a duplicate key.

Our company’s priority is to provide you with every security service at a reasonable price without any distress and make sure you feel safe and sound at your home and office. And our team is here to help you 24/7 to save you from any distress.