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Wentworth Point is a suburb of Sydney in the Australian state of New South Wales. It may be found in the eastern part of the local government area that comprises the City of Parramatta.  

Located on the southern side of the Parramatta River, the point was recovered from a mud flat in order to make way for new buildings. The region was officially classified as a suburb in 2009. Now that Home bush Bay has formed, the locations of Sydney Olympic Park and Wentworth Point are no longer in the same place.

How did the Wentworth point meet with its beginning?

This part of Lidcombe formerly referred to as “North Lidcombe,” became part of “Homebush Bay” in 2009. Homebush Bay, located on the southern bank of the Parramatta River, is both a natural and artificial bay.

Both the westernmost point of Homebush Bay, known as Wentworth Point, and the adjacent inlet, known as Wentworth Bay, on the bay’s western shore are named after the Wentworth family. In any case, land reclamation has meant the disappearance of Wentworth Bay. The area once known as Wentworth Point is now located on Mud Island after being moved there by land reclamation.

On December 8, 1891, Wentworth Point became a member of the Borough of Rookwood; in 1913, it was called the “Municipality of Lidcombe.” In 1948, Lidcombe united with Auburn Council to become the Auburn Municipality. As of recently, Wentworth Point has become a part of Lidcombe proper, namely the “North Lidcombe” neighborhood.

What type of place Wentworth point is to live?

Wentworth point is a suburb of Sydney that you might find a perfect place to live in. It’s portrayed in advertising as a charming seaside town, but in reality, it’s everything but. The town center of Wentworth Point would prove that high-density, linked housing can thrive in a suburbanizing city.

Whereas most projects call for the respect or enhancement of existing constructed context, Wentworth Point demanded the exact reverse, requiring the construction of meaning from totally new architecture in the absence of any preexisting context.

Even though there is still much to be done in the central business district, the project has progressed to the point where the essential components of social performance are in place and locals and tourists alike can stop thinking of the buildings as mere objects and start experiencing the streets as actual communities rather than mere geographical points. Wentworth Point is our micro city; it’s a relatively recent part of Sydney that demonstrates the benefits of compact, linked housing.

What can you find in Wentworth point?

Located in Sydney, Australia’s western suburbs, Wentworth Point is a small town well-known for its closeness to the Parramatta River and its many parks. This coastal neighborhood has a lot going for it:

  • Proximity to both urban and natural amenities like Homebush Bay and protected parks, as well as to convenient services like public transit and shopping centers.
  • Walking distance attractions include the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre and Stadium Australia, as well as the natural reserves of Millennium Parklands
  • Wentworth Common, and Bicentennial Park.
  • Biking and walking paths have been laid up all over the regrown foliage.

Why should you choose a locksmith in Wentworth point?

If you’ve lost your home keys, had them stolen, or had a key break off in the lock, it’s time to call a locksmith in Kensington. Thanks to their extensive collection of tools, they can open any door. Since the key might snap in the lock if you try to unlock the door too rapidly.

If you’re having trouble, it’s better to consult a professional or get in touch with your locksmith to set up an appointment. The proliferation of digital media—including websites and apps—has had a profound impact on almost every area of modern life. A locksmith in Kensington is the one to call if you’re in need of assistance with anything from unlocking a door to fixing a blocked lock. There are a number of situations in which you should immediately call a locksmith.

Don’t let anything compromise your security

Now that you’re out of the automobile in an unfamiliar place, how long do you think it will be before you start to feel bored? You will inevitably find yourself misunderstood. Theft and other crimes might happen at any moment, which is a negative aspect. In case of emergency, don’t think twice about calling a locksmith.

To make matters worse, you’ve decided to try opening the automobile on your own. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; losing track of your keys is always a possibility. The issue also disappears suddenly. Here’s the scenario: you’re standing in the pouring rain, waiting for a bus. It’s also possible that bad weather is currently blocking any kind of transportation. This is why planning and calling a locksmith may save time.

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It takes a major emergency for the average person to call a locksmith. There’s a problem: you can’t find your keys anywhere. Your mind quickly dials a locksmith when you have an emergency and need things fixed right away.

After working a late shift and finally getting home, you realize that you forgot your keys at the office. It would have been hopeless to even try to enlist a friend’s assistance under the conditions. In this case, you might call a reliable locksmith service to come out and open the lock for you.

A Constant Connection Is a Given

Your home’s security is our priority

If you lose your keys or have them stolen, don’t wait to get in touch with a locksmith. Experts in this industry are always on hand whenever consumers need them. They prioritize their customers, so feel free to contact them at any time with questions or concerns.

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Proven Assist

Are you locked out of your car?

Is your lock broken? Did the key break off?

If you want to be sure the issue with your doorknob or lock is solved permanently, you should call a professional. Verify their claims of skill by looking at their previous work. It’s crucial to do an in-depth review of their abilities before hiring them.

Experts should be hired because they provide high-quality work and have credentials from relevant educational institutions to back up their claims. Hiring them would be a wonderful idea.

What you can expect from your Wentworth point locksmith?

When you need help with a variety of concerns, call your local Wentworth locksmith.

  • Professional installation and maintenance are necessary for electrical and pneumatic closing fittings, doors, frames, and complete door hardware packages.
  • Gained access to restricted areas, repaired blast doors, and cracked heavily secured safes using locksmithing expertise.
  • Assistance with keys and locks for automobiles, residences, and businesses.
  • Fixing or replacing components like tumblers, springs, and others may be done with only a few basic tools.
  • It’s important to have a wide selection of hand tools and other specialized equipment on hand for any kind of maintenance work you may need to conduct around the house, the office, or the car.
  • In addition to being able to pick locks in an emergency, they would also be able to replace lost lock combinations and keys.
  • Locks in student housing facilities must be properly installed, programmed, and maintained.

To get your locks exchanged or repaired your Wentworth point locksmith near you can assist you to get through this security problem you are going through.


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It depends on the situation. But in most cases, we pride ourselves in quick turnaround times, usually of around 30 minutes.

We always try to open the lock without causing damage. With that said, if breaking the lock is the only option we will always ask for you approval and make you aware of the cost associated before moving forward.

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